At the Ruber International Hospital we have an International Programme that takes into account the needs and comfort of our international patients, looking after them in the different medical specialities that the hospital offers.

The Hospital provides them with an assistant to offer them comprehensive and personalised care during their hospital stay in the language that they require, dealing with each case on an individual basis, preparing and organising the medical programme so that their stay in the hospital is as comfortable and as fast as possible. This entire process includes from the moment they decide to come to Ruber International for their medical care until their subsequent treatment.

Our services are specially thought out to make the whole process easier for patients, both those who wish to travel specifically to our hospital from their home country, and foreign residents in Spain. This goes from when they take the decision to trust Ruber International for their medical care, until their subsequent treatment, recovery and follow-up.


  • Care in more than 6 languages including Spanish, English, French, Russian…
  • Translation and Interpretation service available 24 h.
  • Financial Advice: always offering an estimate/budget of the patient's needs.
  • Assistance with transfers and/or accommodation: making chauffeur-driven vehicles available. Offering the best accommodation and with discounts for our patients.