The Hospital Ruber Internacional, leader in the private healthcare sector, is a benchmark for its quality, state-of-the-art technology, highly-qualified professionals and its continuous drive for improvement.

The Hospital Ruber Internacional is designed as a "full-service hospital". The Central Departments, Medical-Surgical Units of the different specialities, Associate Doctors, Tumour Committees and Clinical-healthcare Committees work in coordination with each other in order to provide maximum effectiveness and efficiency in the carrying out of the various medical, healthcare, teaching and research activities.



The Hospital Ruber Internacional is a benchmark private health centre in Spain. It is part of the Quirónsalud group.

Its mission is to provide top-level comprehensive and personalised care to every patient, regardless of their condition, country of origin or form of funding.

The Hospital's main focus of activity is dedication to patient service.

Comprehensive and personalised care for us means being a tertiary hospital due to the range and updating of its care units, to gather the greatest talent from its professionals and to maintain a flexible attitude of workers in order to care for each patient as a unique individual.

We understand that this service attitude is maintained on the basis of respecting and showing fondness of the workers, thereby preserving the pride of belonging to our Hospital.

We firmly believe that doctors should be treated as partners, and this helps to boost the Hospital in the other three pillars that support it; gathering talent, technological updates and carrying out research.

Vocation, Treatment, R&D Technology



To be the best private Hospital in Spain with an international vocation and to be so both for the treatments that we offer to our patients and the way in which we deal with our patients.

We want to be the best Hospital as a workplace for our professionals as a means to being the Hospital which provides the best service to its patients.

A medical benchmark at a European level



Service attitude.

All Hospital Ruber Internacional employees are either at the direct service of the patient or help and assist those who directly provide this service.

Better and greater talent of its professionals.

In order to retain the talent that the centre has, every year we have to bring in professionals of greater talent in all areas of the hospital; admission, care, accommodation, administration, etc.

Constant technological updates.

Due to its dual aspect of guaranteeing the best treatment for the patient and attracting and building loyalty with the best professionals with the best facilities.

Research as an improvement tool.

The only way to keep up-to-date with innovative treatments which guarantee the best healthcare outcomes for today's patients and a necessary commitment to society in order to offer better outcomes in the future.

An international vocation that allows for continuous growth.