The Ruber International Hospital is conceived as a “full-service hospital”, its Main Services, the Medical-Surgical Units of different specialties and Collaborator Physicians are interrelated themselves and integrated into the Hospital, achieving the highest efficacy within the Organization and the development of different medical, welfare, teaching and investigative activities.

A medical equipments rigorous selection, with high-skilled sanitary staff along with the continuous endowment of the most sophisticated and effective equipments of the medical technology, allow to provide an ideal level of health care.

The Ruber International Hospital is located in Madrid, in Mirasierra residential area.The access is by M30 or M40 through the Ventisquero de la Condesa Avenue. It has 174 comfort single rooms with terrace.If you wish, you can do a virtual tour of our facilities, just clicking the corresponding option in the menu on the left and compile further details from our organization and directive bodies in the same menu.

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Madrid Ruber Internacional Hospital corporate video

Ruber Internacional Hospital, Madrid, Spain

Madrid Ruber Internacional Hospital corporate video