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Ruber Internacional collaborates with different international institutions and organizations to bring high-quality Medicine, otherwise it would be impossible.

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logo-FundacionProtectoraNinos2logo-FundacionProtectoraNinos2Fundación Sociedad Protectora de los Niños

Fundación Sociedad Protectora de los Niños [Child Protection Society Foundation]

Fundación Sociedad Protectora de los NiñosFundación Sociedad Protectora de los Niños

A pioneering charity in Spain providing Assistance, Protection and Education to children who are orphans, have been abandoned or are at risk of social exclusion.

This Foundation has been protecting children in the greatest need for over 141 years. Their Royal Majesties Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía are Honorary Presidents.

Ruber International Hospital participates in the development of the goals that the Fundación Sociedad Protectora de los Niños has been fulfilling. It collaborates by inserting advertisements in the national press and by creating and distributing brochures in our healthcare centres. link opens in a popup window

logo-turkana4logo-turkana4Proyecto Cirugía en Turkana

Proyecto Cirugía en Turkana [Surgery in Turkana Project]

Proyecto Cirugia En TurkanaProyecto Cirugia En TurkanaThe Cirugía en Turkana project was born in 2004 thanks to the initiative of medical specialists from different hospitals who set out to Lodwar Public Hospital (Turkana), in northern Kenya. Since then, a surgical campaign has been carried out at this hospital every year and different Hospitals from Madrid have joined the project, including Ruber Internacional Hospital.

The project's Medical Director is Dr Carmen Hernández Pérez, a digestive system and general surgeon and a specialist in bariatric surgery at Ruber Internacional Hospital.

The latest healthcare campaign has included the expertise of Dr Miguel Raseo, radiologist at the Diagnostic Imaging Department, as well as the Paediatrics and Adolescence Unit at Ruber Internacional Hospital, who, together with Dr Carmen Hernández, worked in Madrid and Africa through video-call to carry out diagnostic tests on 6 children with abdominal mass problems, respiratory difficulties, tumours in the urinary tract, lymphatic malformation, lithiasis in kidneys and bladder, hypertrophic heart, etc. link opens in a popup window


LogoBurundi2LogoBurundi2Centro Materno-Infantil San Lucas de Ndava (Burundi)

Centro Materno-Infantil San Lucas de Ndava (Burundi) [San Lucas de Ndava Maternal-Infant Centre]

Centro Materno-Infantil San Lucas De NdavaCentro Materno-Infantil San Lucas De Ndava

This project was launched in 2017 in response to mortality statistics in the country, placing childbirth and its complications as the second cause of death. ASU ONG fights so that no women die while bringing their children to life.

Ruber Internacional Hospital collaborates by providing medicine and medical equipment for the centre, which helps to modernize healthcare and try to anticipate potential complications.

www.asuong.orgThis link opens in a popup window

LogoFundacionRecover2LogoFundacionRecover2Fundación Recover, Hospitales para África

Fundación Recover, Hospitales para África [Recover Foundation, Hospitals for Africa]

FundacionRecoverFundacionRecoverSince 2007, Fundación Recover develops and supports the management of non-profit hospitals in different African countries, in order to offer decent healthcare in accordance with the population's basic needs. Training local staff and the support from a partner on-site who manages and directs are the basis of a successful model to facilitate access to promising, quality healthcare for everyone in Africa, with a sustainable healthcare model.


Virtuosos De MoscúVirtuosos De MoscúRuber Internacional Hospital, on the occasion of Recover's tenth anniversary, organized a Moscow Virtuosi Concert in 2017, chaired by Her Royal Highness Queen Sofía, to finance a medical centre in Obout (Cameroon). Recover's priority is now focused on turning the small Obout healthcare centre, which already serves nearly 5,000 patients a year in the middle of the jungle south of Cameroon, into a hospital capable of meeting the area's extensive healthcare needs.

Reina Sofía - Dr. CondeReina Sofía - Dr. Conde

Furthermore, Ruber Internacional Hospital takes care of young Africans with pathologies that cannot be operated on in their countries of origin and that come to Spain through the Foundation.

niña marroquí - Izmar Malakniña marroquí - Izmar MalakThis was the case of the 2-year-old Moroccan girl, Izmar Malak, with congenital hydrocephalus due to malformation. A multidisciplinary team from Ruber Internacional, comprising the Paediatrics Unit, the Paediatric Neurosurgery Unit, the Neurology Department and the Maxillofacial Surgery Unit, carried out the tests and studies necessary to determine the pathology and be able to schedule the surgeries, in several stages, that Izmar Malak needed.

Dr Nuria Martínez, a specialist in oncological radiotherapy at the Gamma Radiosurgery Unit, operated on Suzie, a 50-year-old patient from Cameroon who came to Spain with a cerebral meningioma at the base of her skull, a radiosurgery treatment that she received two years ago.

Furthermore, the director of the Movement Disorder Programme of the Neurology Unit at Ruber Internacional Hospital, Mónica Kurtis, has Training experience in basic Neurology (epilepsy, movement disorders, etc.), which she taught to 50 students (doctors, nurses, etc.) in Cameroon. Indeed, one of the students from this course, a Primary Care doctor from Obut, detected a skull defect (encephalocele) in an 8-day-old baby (currently 3 months old). Camille will be coming to Spain shortly, where she will be treated by a multidisciplinary team of paediatricians, neurologists and neurosurgeons from Ruber Internacional Hospital.

Doctores Ruber InternacionalDoctores Ruber InternacionalLast April, the directors of Fundación Recover presented the Recover Patients Programme at Ruber Internacional Hospital. Many healthcare professionals at Ruber Internacional Hospital collaborate with Fundación Recover. link opens in a popup window

LogoAmigosBamenda3LogoAmigosBamenda3Amigos de Bamenda

Amigos de Bamenda [Friends of Bamenda]

AmigosDeBamenda1AmigosDeBamenda1Once again, Dr Marcos Órdenes, a gynaecologist at Ruber Internacional Hospital, has done another medical-charity expedition with Amigos de Bamenda to a hospital in the south of Madagascar. In order to improve healthcare and help people who do not have resources and who really need it.

Henintsoa Hospital has been managed for 18 years by Sister Lea who, with very few resources and the help of European NGOs and cooperating medical groups, keeps the hospital and its laboratory, an orphanage and a centre for disabled children running in one of the country's most underprivileged areas.

Amigos de BamendaAmigos de BamendaThe expedition was composed of 2 gynaecologists, 2 surgeons, an anaesthesiologist, a midwife, 2 nurses, a coordinator and a general physician. A total of 22 surgical operations were performed with very good results. In addition, more than 400 kg of surgical-medical equipment for the hospital and children's clothing were donated. link opens in a popup window

Fundación GarrigouFundación GarrigouFundación Garrigou

Fundación Garrigou

Colegio de Educación Especial María Corredentora

Gracias a la colaboración de la Fundación Garrigou, el Colegio de educación especial María Corredentora ha llevado a cabo un proyecto de Realidad Virtual con niños y jóvenes con discapacidad. La anticipación y preparación para diversas pruebas e intervenciones médicas, utilizando esta herramienta, ha facilitado su desarrollo y la realización de las mismas, evitando en lo posible la ansiedad y miedos que se suelen presentar ante estas situaciones por parte de los chavales.

Un equipo de orientación del Colegio compuesto por Loles Silvestre y por Miren García acompañó a uno de los niños a realizarse las pruebas clínicas en el Hospital Ruber Internacional.

La Unidad de Pediatría y Adolescencia y los responsables de Calidad y de Enfermería del Hospital Ruber Internacional coordinaron todas las acciones para poder grabar las diferentes pruebas que se le realizaron.

Fudación Garrigou - Hospital Ruber InternacionalFudación Garrigou - Hospital Ruber Internacional