Doing sport is good for everyone. It lengthens the life of both healthy and ill people. It has demonstrated a reduction in the number of heart attacks and strokes, and also has a positive psychological and physical impact.

But sport should be done safely. All individuals who do exercise should undergo a minimum medical check-up that enables, within reason, existing or potential heart problems to be ruled out.

The Sports Cardiology Unit at the Ruber International has the human resources, with adult and paediatric cardiologists, nurses, technicians specialised in cardiology, skilled radiologists and cutting-edge equipment in order to be able to assess and diagnose any condition.



  • 12-lead ECG
  • Holter-type electrocardiographic recorder, one-month electrocardiographic recorder
  • Mobile blood pressure monitoring systems
  • Echocardiography of all levels
  • Conventional cardiac stress test
  • Ergospirometry (cardiac stress test with gases) both on a treadmill and on a cycle ergometer
  • Blood lactate measurement
  • Cardiac magnetic resonance (3T)
  • Fully-equipped laboratory... that allows for a proper evaluation and a personalisation of the situation and of the recommendations.
  • The evaluation and tests are carried out and interpreted by experienced cardiologists and sports lovers, with the advantage that, if an abnormality is detected, the hospital has all the resources in situ to manage it appropriately.