The Diagnostic Imaging Department at the Ruber Internacional Hospital is made up of a team of medical specialists with extensive training and experience in the different areas of diagnostic imaging, highly qualified radiology technicians and a large group of administrative assistants prepared, at all times, to attend to both the medical and personal needs that may arise during your stay in the department. It is also equipped with the most advanced technology in all areas of the speciality, from general radiology to cutting-edge magnetic resonance equipment, being able to carry out all types of diagnostic and therapeutic examinations.

The department has an integrated Molecular Imaging Unit with its Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT variants, so that the diagnostic assessment of the examinations is made jointly between the specialists in diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine to provide the patient with the best possible healthcare.

We collaborate in various research studies in the field of oncology (new medications for the treatment of prostate cancer) and neurology (pre- and post-surgical assessment of patients with epilepsy, early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and monitoring of the response to various therapies).

We have had teaching collaboration agreements since 1992 with various national public hospitals (12 de Octubre Hospital, La Paz Hospital, Móstoles Hospital, etc.) for the training of resident doctors in the area of magnetic resonance.

In 1992, it was the only Diagnostic Imaging Department in a private Spanish hospital, participating in a quality control programme sponsored by the Directorate General No. XIII of the European Union on radiation doses and image quality, with excellent results.

The radiologists in the department participate in various research projects and clinical trials. They have received several prizes for the publication of scientific works (Rafael Hervada Award and the Pedro Mata Award). They have obtained a research grant from the Social Security Scientific Research Fund, and they regularly publish scientific works in prestigious national and international journals.

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  • 1 MRI of 3 Teslas
  • 2 MRI of 1,5 Teslas
  • 2 64-Slice CT SCAN
  • 3 Echographs
  • 2 Mammographs
  • 2 Conventional Radiology Rooms
  • 1 Remote Control RX
  • 1 Densitometry
  • 1 Gammagraphy Room
  • 1 Mami-Pet
  • 1 PETTAC