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The Unit Chief, Dr. Alfonso Del Corral, besides have been an elite sportsman, he has led the Real Madrid Medical Services for 15 years, and he has experienced himself the sport injuries of professional players, as well as its quick recovery to join as soon as possible the competition world.


Orthopaedic surgery.

Shoulder pathology.

Elbow pathology.

Hand and wrist pathology.

Vertebral column pathology.

Pelvis and hip pathology.

Knee pathology.

Ankle pathology.

Foot pathology.

Surgical techniques:
Shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist, elbow and hip arthroscopy surgery.
Replacement arthroplasty: Hip, knee and shoulder prosthesis.

Foot percutaneous surgery.

Column surgery.

Oncological surgery.

Pubis surgery.




Surgical techniques:
Percutaneous techniques.

Intramedullary nail.

Low-profile plates.

Arthroscopy reduction of articular fractures.

Ligament surgery.

Sinewy suture and reinforcing plasties.


Growing factors, Orthokine and stem cells.

Sports Medicine.

Sports-medical examination.

Trauma consultation and sport medicine.

Sport physiotherapy.

Anti-inflammatory infiltrations.

Infiltrations of plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF).

Physical readaptor.

Therapeutic and preventive pilates.

Arthroscopic surgery.

Dynamic osteopath surgery of pubis:Pseudo-Bassini and adductors tenotomy.

Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Functional recovery protocols to return to sport.
Provide health information, physical conditions and possible physical or physiological deficits. To determine risk factors of each sportsman. To achieve injuries ratio reduction. To speed up its recovery.

Easy to the amateur athletes the same treatments used by elite sportsmen.
Use of surgical techniques that allow to significantly shorten the postoperative process, in order to return earlier to sport activity.
Multidisciplinary surgeons team, sports physicians, physiotherapists, nurses, biomechanics, podiatrists, physical readapts, etc.
Associated units for sportsman’s complete care:Cardiology, radio diagnosis, anaesthesiology, etc.

Diagnosis, evaluation, prevention and treatment of the analysed disability to ease, maintain or restore the best functionality and independence possible at a skeletal muscle system level.

Biomechanical study and foot pathologies treatment (walk disorders correction and low limbs abnormalities:Fascitis, tendinopathies, seasmoiditis, talagies, metatarsals, calcaneal spur, stress fractures, bursitis, Sever’s disease, Ostrigonum, Köhler’s disease, etc.)


Morning and afternoons by scheduled appointment.