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Working jointly with other units:
We work closely with vascular surgery units: pain, epilepsy, neurology and radiosurgery in patients’ joint treatment who have several different pathologies.


Patients’ treatment with abnormal movements

Parkinson’s disease and different types of dystonia. In such cases we perform an intracerebral electrode implant for deep brain stimulation (in subthalamic nucleus and globus pallidus).Basal nucleus injuries (thalamotomy and pallidotomy).

Treatment to painful symptoms

Central origin pains (painful anaesthesia, brain injuries with sore conditions).We carry out deep-brain stimulation and brain cortical stimulus with epidural electrodes.
Neuralgia of trigeminal nerve and other facial aches:Radiosurgery with Gamma Knife , thermocoagulation, vascular microdecompression and brain stimulation.
Nerve roots and peripheral aches due to medullar injuries:Epidural medullar stimulation, injuries in the dorsal roots’ entry zone; we work together with Hospital’s Pain Clinic in the devices implant for drug’s dosage administration to the central nervous system.

Ischemic peripheral disease

Medullar stimulation for cardiac angina treatment and ischemia of peripheral limbs impossible to be successfully handled by other means.

Ablative psychosurgery

The most advanced procedures, which let completing ablations stereotactically and guided by MR, by means of the specific position software procedures, have enabled the performance more and more detailed and save of these injuries. The functional studies by MR launching, recently and particularly the tractographies and cortical activation systems, have dramatically increased the effectivity and security of these injuries. These injuries currently carried out are diverse; with them, our group has developed an enormous expertise during the last twenty years.
In the latest ten years, our group has operated properly monitored 115 patients. The present monitoring average is four years. In this group, 58 patients suffered TOC; 43 cases were treated of aggressiveness related to autism, oligophrenia and schizophrenia; seven patients experienced obsessive neurosis, and we operated five cases with depression.


Dr. Martínez Álvarez, Roberto Team leader
Más información

  • Licenciado en Medicina y Cirugía  por la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1978. – Tesis Doctoral  en el año 1985.
  • Medico residente en la Especialidad  de Neurocirugía  entre  1979-1984.
  • Neurocirujano de la Clínica Puerta de Hierro de Madrid entre  1985-1989.
  • Neurocirujano de la Unidad de Radiocirugía del Hosp. Ruber Internacional de Madrid desde 1993. Jefe de la Unidad de Neurocirugía Funcional y Radiocirugía del Hosp. Ruber Internacional desde 2005.
  • Miembro de 15 sociedades médicas nacionales e internacional.
  • Académico  Correspondiente de la Academia de Medicina de Asturias, España.
  • Consultor de la compañía Elekta desde el año 2011.
  • Profesor Honorario de la Facultad Autónoma de Medicina de Madrid.
  • 180 trabajos publicados en revistas nacionales y extranjeras.
  • 230 presentaciones en congresos nacionales e internacionales.
  • Ponente Invitado a 100 congresos nacionales e internacionales.
  • Editor de 3 libros publicados.
  • Autor de 22 capítulos en diversos libros publicados entre  1988 y 2015.
  • Premio Fabrikan otorgado por la International Stereotactic and Radiosurgery Society en 2105.

Unit function
Patients’ treatment of neurological disorders who may benefit from operations on the various functions of the central nervous system.