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Family Medicine Unit and preventive Medicine unit is arranged to have a personal primary, who provides care to your health and yours family. Your family doctor is in every moment available, in consultation, Hospital or family home. He is in charge of counselling and family-oriented healthcare. He also guaranties your medical care planning and continuity. The only specialized in you is your doctor.

The Family Medicine and Preventive medicine unit offers you the accomplishment of your periodic health examination or checkup. In every case, a physician of the Unit arranges all the examinations, which are completed in different units and services of the Hospital, aiming to save time and assure the studio efficacy.


-The Family Medicine Unit provides prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of the family members, with continued and personalized care as ambulatory as hospitalized.
-The Family Medicine Unit, offers the completion of the health periodic examinations or medical checkups, including a clinical interview, diagnostic tests and reviews by other specialists. In all cases, all the performed examinations are harmonized in different units and the Hospital’s service, issuing a general report supervised by the Chief of the Unit.


Health tests

The regular health examinations are achieved by staff members of the Ruber International Hospital Unit, a physician of the Unit personally takes the responsibility of the study and prepares a final report. The global direction and supervision of the program are headed by the chief of the Unit.
The study includes:
• Clinical interview: for the data collection of the clinical case and complete a clinical exploration. The timing assigned for this part of the study is one hour. The interview can be done in Spanish or in English. In addition to the data of standard physical examination, the exploration includes:
o Eye ground examination.
o Audition evaluation.

Laboratory examinations

• Laboratory examinations: Undertaken in clinical laboratory of the Ruber International Hospital and include:
o Haematology: Red cells series counting, white and platelets, hematocrit. Hemoglobin, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate.
o Urine analysis: Density, PH, proteins, glucose, ketone bodies, bilirubin, blood, nitrites, urinary sediment.
o Blood biochemistry: Glucose, creatininte, total proteins, calcium, uric acid, lipid studio, GOT, GPT, GT Gamma, LDH, alkaline phosphatase, total bilirubin, TSH and free T4.
o Specific prostatic antigen (men).

Diagnostic tests

o EGC basal and ergonomics.
o Posterior and lateral thorax radiography.
o Ultrasound:
-Women: abdominal.
-Men: Abdominal and pelvic.
o Vaginal cytology and gynaecologic examination by Obstetrics and Gynaecologic consultants and specialists of Women Unit, at the Hospital.
o Mammography in women over 40 years old.
o Hidden blood in faeces detection.

ORL examination

This study is a health examination or a basic checkup.
Relying on the personal risk factors or the collected data in the clinical interview, it could be appropriate to do other examinations. Among them, the most frequents are:
• Echocardiogram
• Cardiac CT
• Virtual/conventional colonoscopy
• Oral panendoscopy
• Densitometry
• Thorax CT

Additional analysis

o Hepatitis B and C serology
o HIV SerologyOncogeme markers (CEA, CA 19.9)
o Urology consultation
The different tests are coordinated from the Secretariat of the Unit, so that progressively they are accomplished during a morning, except those tests, as colonoscopy that requires a previous preparation.
The responsible physician of each case draws a final report on the study including recommendations about:
• Lifestyle habits and feeding.
• Medical treatment if necessary.
• Possible consultation with other specialists.
The basic checkup rate is as follows:
• Male checkup: 1.400 €
• Female checkup: 1.600 €
Request rate of additional complementary tests.