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The service offers the most up to date technology in infectious illnesses diagnosis.We work together with the different specialists in the treatment of bacterial, viral, fungoid, parasitic infections, tropical diseases and of the traveller, emergent microorganisms’ infections and sexually transmitted diseases. In order to be more efficient in giving the service both to patients and to applicant doctors we offer reliable diagnosis results as quickly as possible.Including new diagnostic methods, being permanently updated supporting it at the avant-garde of the microbiological diagnosis.


Dra. Escudero López Cepero, Elena Team leader
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Dra Cepero
  • Licenciada en Medicina y Cirugía por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid en 1990.
  • Certificado del Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo que me acredita como Médico de Medicina General. Expedido en Madrid, el 1 de Abril de 1994
  • Médico Especialista en Microbiología y Parasitología Clínica (vía MIR). Realicé la especialidad en el Hospital Universitario de la Princesa de Madrid, con rotaciones en el ISCIII, Centro ETS Sandoval y Microbiology Unit M.D Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, Tx)
  • Cursos de Doctorado realizados en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (año 2001).
  • Más de 30 publicaciones/comunicaciones en diversos medios científicos (ej: Increased severity of Escherichia coli peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis patients independent of changes in in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Jorge Valdés-Sotomayor, Antonio Cirugeda, M.A Bajo, Gloria del Peso, Elena Escudero*, A Sánchez-Tomero, Rafael Selgas. Servicios de Nefrología y Microbiología*. H.U La Princesa, Madrid.” Grupo de Estudios Peritoneales de Madrid. Instituto Reina Sofía de Investigación Nefrológica”. Peritoneal Dialisis Internacional, September-October 2003).

-Diagnostic tests.
Cultures:Bacteria and fungi identification with antibiogram or antifungal susceptibility test if necessary.
Parasitology: Parasites in faeces, direct observation and Graham test.
Quick tests: In faeces, blood, urine, in respiratory and genital samples.
Biology techniques and serology (PCR): Serologic screening-Diagnosis (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and infections diagnosis by PCR and carriers’ state (A, B influenza, H1N1, Papilloma (HPV), etc…).
Other tests: TB skin test.