The laboratory is fully automated and computerized to ensure the samples and results overturned identity in reports. The results are daily reviewed by two specialists in order to detect incompatibilities and where appropriate, improve the information.Urgent results or ordinary are issued in less than one and three hours respectively.Continuously operative 24 hours a day.


All analytical tests of blood, urine, faeces and other biological fluids.In laboratory, approximately the 90% of them are processed and the rest (determinant factors of infrequent demand) are sent to a reference laboratory of well confirmed quality.The cytomorphology is daily checked in blood samples that may need it (3-5%) and in all biological fluids. The procedures are continuously submitted to internal and external quality controls periodically validated by National Societies of Clinical Analysis and Haematology.


Diagnostic tests:Hematimetry, blood biochemistry, hormones, proteins, coagulation, gases, cytogenetic no gynaecological, cytomorphology in blood samples, urine, faeces and other biological samples.