• Administration
  • Admission
  • Management
  • Invoicing dep
  • Waiting room
  • Meeting room


  • Hospitalization area for Obstetrics and Ginaecology, a ward with nineteen rooms with bed for a partner and direct access to the garden.
  • Unidad de Neonatología con tres cunas de U.V.I., seis cunas de cuidados intermedios y seis incubadoras
  • Neonatology Unit with three ICU cribs and six intermediate care cribs.
  • Nursery with a 18 cribs capacity.
  • In Vitro Fertilization laboratory and Medical Genetics.
  • Out patient care with seven rooms for personal tidy up, for major out patient surgery and short term medical-surgical procedures
  • Twelve beds ICU
  • Intermediate Care Unit and coronary, equipped with eight cardiological monitoring rooms.

Surgery area:

  • Eight OTs, three dealing exclusively to Cardiac Surgery, Gynaecology and Ophthalmology
  • Twodelivery rooms and OT for cesare and deliveries
  • Cure and plaster sick room
  • Digestive endoscopy room
  • 15beds for recovery
  • Interventional Vascular Radiology and Hemodynamic Room


  • Provided with the necessary facilities for urgent patient care. Access by ramp for ambulances arrival and direct communication to OT, radiology and ICU.


  • Apart from the corresponding staff, the hospital is provided with amonitoring electronic system for all the Hospital external and internal accesses.


These floors are for hospitalization and have a total of 126 rooms, 18 of them are suites. All their are street view rooms, singles, with a bed for a partner, air conditioned, terrace, bathroom, TV, communication systems with nursery staff and private customized telephone for each room, oxygen and central vacuum. All of them have security measures according to the international rules for hospitals.

First Floor:

  • Neurology service

Fourth floor

  • Chapel


Out patient consultations:

  • Thirty four out patient consultation services

Imaging diagnosis:

  • Three MRI units (one of them of three Teslas)
  • 16 detectors CT
  • 64 detectors for coronary studies CT
  • Bone densitometer
  • 3 rooms of Digital General Radiology
  • Two ultra sound rooms
  • A room of digital mammography and sterotacticbiopsy



  • Pathological anatomy
  • Blood bank
  • Biochemistry
  • Haematology
  • Microbiology

General services:

  • Cafeteria
  • Kitchen
  • Restaurant


Cardiology Unit

Obesity Surgery Unit

Ophthalmology Unit

Medical Oncology Unit

  • Comprehensive oncologic center, withday hospital for oncologic treatment in an out patient basis

Radio Therapeutic Oncology Unit

  • Two linear electron particle accelerators (Varian 2300 iX and Varian 600 C/D).

Intracranial Radiosurgery Unit

  • Gammaknife System

Radiosurgery Unit for theen tire body

  • Cyberknife system

Out patient services:

  • 12 out patient services

High technology OT

  • For intra operative radio therapy
  • For Robotic surgery (Da Vinci system)
  • For brain pace makers implants.

Nuclear medicine:

  • PET CT
  • SPECT gamma camera

Anaesthesia service

Pharmacy service

Physical medicine service and radiation protection

Maintenance service

Conference room